apple iphone font

I've read in many places the following question (or similar): "What is the typography that Apple uses in my Iphone?... Although in Lettering Time we are very freak about typefaces and those of Apple (I'm the first jijiji), and many will already know the answer to that question, we will give you our own answer:

Apple launched its new "San Francisco" typography in 2015 to work as a machine on their devices, from the Imac or Macbook to the latest Iphone and Apple watch. Of course that the San Francisco is integrated into the latest operating systems of the apple brand, such as macOS Sierra, IOS 10 and their special tvOS and watchOS systems.

San Francisco is a complete typographic family created for the occasion and that fulfills perfectly with its mission, has a fantastic screen. The new typography of Apple is divided into two fonts, SF standard for most of their devices, and compact SF for the Apple watch.

The great difference between these two fonts is that San Francisco has a great readability itself, its Compact version has been cared for at micron for a legibility never seen before on tiny screens.

Standard SF and SF Compact are each divided into two versions, "Text" and "Display". Within this new division, is where is one of the characteristics that really make San Francisco, the intelligent and automatic dynamism.

Apple's new typography automatically chooses what to use. How do you do this? Very simple, if the font size is less than 20 points it is shown the text version, if on the contrary, the font size exceeds this number of points it is automatically used the Display version.

In this way, Apple stops using the all-powerful Helvetica to take a step forward and adapt its typography to the new needs.
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