The Perfect Gift for a Letter Lover (2015)

Hello Friends! We are starting a new December and you know what this means? that Christmas is around the corner and it's time for gifts. I know it can be difficult to find the perfect present for someone who is into the world of design. For this reason during this time of the year I have received emails and private messages of people specially girlfriends and wives asking me for advice on what to give to their "freaky- partners" for this Christmas. This is why on December 2012 I made a guide with possible ideas for our letter lovers and now I have decided to do an update of this entry, a 2015 version so here it is: 

1. Calligraphy Materials:
I often get asked a lot about what kind of markers or pens are good to give to their partners who are interested in calligraphy . If the person is a beginner in the world of calligraphy it would be a nice gift for them to have some markers brush tip (Brush pen). It would also be a good idea to get a brush pen with rubber tip instead of fibers, such as markers like ABT Tombow. The Faber Castell Pitt or some models of Kuretake but taking in consideration that the last two are difficult to find. 

Otherwise, if the person you are giving the gift to is already familiar with calligraphy and has a bit more experience then it would be a nice idea to think about giving them a Pentel brush pen like Aquash Water Brush, or Speedball, Brause, or Mitchell calligraphy pen. 

Another good option is to give them the famous Parallel Pens, and even though is criticize by others I think its a very good option.

2. You will need a place to practice:

If you have the tools for calligraphy but you don't have where to practice it. Here we have different options:

- Sybaritic Version: The best thing would be to buy a Moleskine notebook, for some reason they are highly desired by designers. They have great paper quality and you can sketch very comfortably

- Intermediate Version: Give a sketchpad where you have a lot of paper on which you can let your imagination go wild none stop.

- Extreme Version: If you have been bitten really bad by the bug of calligraphy the above options are not going to be enough, so give them a roll of paper where they can have lots of room to work with and practice comfortably (although a bit rough, the Ikea one could work very well).

3. Help your training:

In this world where you never stop learning and continuously growing, I would like to
spend a bit more time on giving you more options specially for the people that are just starting.

- Books: Books are always a life insurance policy, I mean who doesn't like books, right? Take the time to listen to them, pay attention to what he or she says, their wants and needs. Know their concerns and take a wild guess you might end up getting it right. But if this is not enough and you still need the help, here you have some interesting books for a geek of the letters: 

Sign Painters

Take your pleasure seriously: Luca Barcellona

In Progress by Jessica Hische and Louise Fili 

And of course, we recommend giving the book of the founder of this blog, Fidel Lopez, "The Secrets of Lettering: 10 Keys to hand-drawn letters", available in PDF format here.

- Attendance courses: A fantastic gift is to book a place in a classroom and take a calligraphy course, lettering, or typography. They are very interesting and there are affordable prices.

- How about online Courses: If you lack of time and you cannot go to an actual classroom, don't worry about it buy an online class of Calligraphy.

4. Spend Time Together:

It doesn't matter whether if it is your significant other, friend or family I am sure that if that person is important to you, you would love to spend time with them and share their interests, let's check out some options:

- Exhibitions: Fortunately, for the letter lovers there are various exhibitions of typography, lettering, calligraphy, and such. Check out the dates and go together, you will have a good time and the person will notice that you care about their concerns. He or she will appreciated it a lot! 

- Documentaries and movies: Sounds like a weird option perhaps a bit simple but you cannot deny that if you show up with a documentary of Helvetica and you tell your significant other "lets watch it together!" he/she will be excited... after all, simplicity is beauty, and beauty makes us happy! 

- Typographical Safari: Yes! believe me it is a very original idea. Search for information about old designs in your town, you can find interesting fonts in the streets, take a tour of the old town or better yet take a trip to a new city and do the trip together! 

Once you are clear about your trip grab your camera, or phone and go for that lovely walk together, take a bunch of photos, the description of each of the letter designs, observe, enjoy etc.. I can assure you will have a great time!

5. Freaky-gifts: After that sentimental moment, let's shake things up a bit as a said in the article 2012 there are so many gifts that would be perfect for these holidays. we can find all kinds of gifts and here I leave you some ideas, you can do your own research and then find a nearly endless list of options: 

Ladies and gentlemen We have come to the end of our tour of ideas for the perfect gift for this year. I hope that this was very helpful, interesting and fun to read...Have a wonderful Christmas and good luck!!