Book The Secrets of Lettering: 10 Keys to hand-drawn letters in Ebook



Hi friend! Due to the great success of "The Secrets of Lettering" in Spanish and the large number of requests to have the book translation to English, here it is !!

Now, you can get the book "The Secrets of Lettering 10 Keys to hand-drawn letters" translated in English:

In eBook format through the giant Amazon by clicking here.


"The secrets of lettering" is a guide for whoever wants to start designing hand drawn letters but does not know where to begin. 

The ten keys to draw lettering are collected in this book with a professional result that will take you since the first guidelines and advises to the on-screen digitalization.

Through a pleasant and close language you will go deeper into the fabulous world of font design without having to deal with a mountain of technical typographical words.

In this book you will learn: 

- What is lettering? 

- The different between lettering, calligraphy and typography. 

- What is it and how to correctly apply the typographical weight, axis or modulation, the width of the character, the height of X, the contrast between thin and thick strokes and the retouches and serifs. 

- What is tracking and kerning, the significance of these terms and how to use it in our designs. 

- How to deal with a lettering work from scratch and get
amazing results.- All of the resources used by the lettering professionals for their designs to look fabulous. 

- Where and what to look to find the mistakes in your hand-drawn letters and how to correct them. 

- How to correctly digitize your hand-drawn letters.

And besides all this, I share with you some personal tips and tricks that I have acquired through years of experience in this field.

As if that were not enough, the book is illustrated with sketches and works of the best designers of typefaces, calligraphy and lettering of the world and who want them to again thank their participation, they are Martin Schmetzer, Mauro Andres Gustavo Mancini, Silvia Cordero Vega, Jackson Alves, Pokras Lampas, Joan Quiros, Latinotype, Positype Felipe Calderon Alan Guzman, Laura Worthington, Rodrigo Type, Sergey Shapiro, Resistenza, Luis Miguel and Leo Calderon, you sure do not want an illustrated book with the works these geniuses ??

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